Watch “KansesFest 2016 Videos”

KansasFest 2016 – Ultimate Micro State of the Union Session


KansasFest 2016 – Auto-verification of Copy Protected Disks


KansasFest 2016 – Retrobrite Restoration


KansasFest 2016 – Drawing Text Characters on DHR Graphics in Color


KansasFest 2016 – Emulators: You’re Doing It All ROM


KansasFest 2016 – A.P.P.L.E.’s Blast from the Past


KansasFest 2016 – Picking Apart the IIc plus ROM (continued)


KansasFest 2016 – Ivan & Andrew Hogan’s IIe Game Port I/O interface demo


KansasFest 2016 – Game Tournaments: 4Play KABOOM! And Structris IOS


Pizza Dinner with Juiced.GS


KansasFest 2016 – Ultimate Micro RAMWorks IIII Project

KansasFest 2016 – Live Recording of Retro Computing Roundtable


KansasFest 2016 – Getting Back to 3:59: A 4am Uncrack


KansasFest 2016 – New product announcements


KansasFest 2016 – A Totally New Dimension to Apple II Graphics


KansasFest 2016 – M0re MO100 M0use Madness



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What is It’s a blog that is focused on all things Apple II. Growing up in the heydays of the early 70s and 80s and seeing the evolution of the home computer first hand from Apple, Atari, Commodore, Amiga, IBM and many others to where we are today. This blog is a dedication to those fond memories of yesteryear, and not to relive the past, but rather where we are today. The Apple II has outlasted any other home computer with new software and hardware still being developed after 30 years by hobbiest and diehard fans. They are the true heros behind the longevity of this great machine, and Steve Wozniaks genius behind the hardware open design. Can the Apple II be around for another 30 years? I guess we will have to wait and see, and I hope I am part of that journey!

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